Interactive Analytics with the Starburst Presto + Alluxio stack for the Cloud

As data analytic needs have increased with the explosion of data, the importance of the speed of analytics and the interactivity of queries has increased dramatically. 

In this tech talk, we will introduce the Starburst Presto, Alluxio, and cloud object store stack for building a highly-concurrent and low-latency analytics platform. This stack provides a strong solution to run fast SQL across multiple storage systems including HDFS, S3, and others in public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

You’ll learn about:

  • The architecture of Presto, an open source distributed SQL engine,  as well as innovations by Starburst like as it’s cost-based optimizer
  • How Presto can query data from cloud object storage like S3 at high performance and cost-effectively with Alluxio
  • How to achieve data locality and cross-job caching with Alluxio no matter where the data is persisted and reduce egress costs

In addition, we’ll present some real world architectures & use cases from internet companies like and running the Presto and Alluxio stack at the scale of hundreds of nodes.

See the on-demand video now. 

Speaker: Bin Fan

Bin Fan is the founding engineer of Alluxio, Inc. and the PMC member of Alluxio open source project. Prior to Alluxio, he worked for Google where he won the Technical Infrastructure Award. Bin received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University working on distributed systems.

VP, Community  and Founding Member at Alluxio

Speaker: Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller is responsible for product engineering at Starburst Data, and has spent the past 10 years in the field of data warehousing and analytics. Prior to Starburst Data, Matt was Director of Engineering at Teradata leading engineering teams working on Presto. Prior to joining Teradata, Matt held product architect and tech lead positions at other distributed SQL technology pioneers, Hadapt (acquired by Teradata in 2014) and Vertica (acquired by HP).

Cofounder and VP of Engineering at Starburst

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