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AWS S3 + Alluxio + Presto = ❤️

The Ryte Use Case

At Ryte, we analyze unstructured, semi-structured and structured data for more than one million users worldwide. The whole Ryte-Platform is built with a scalable architecture to support our heavy load and make it possible for our customers to drill-down from a high-level overview into the last byte of their websites.

In this presentation, I will show why & how we solve some challenging technical issues, improve the speed, and reduce costs of our AWS EMR Hadoop & Presto -Backend with Alluxio to an awesome level!


  • What is Ryte: Platform to optimize your Online-Marketing
  • Requirements for the Ryte-Plattform
  • Why we use Presto on AWS EMR with S3
  • When problems pop-up
  • How we solve them with Alluxio in a perfect way

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Wednesday, October 9


Danny is a chapter lead software engineer at Ryte responsible for their development team and technology stack. Danny's background is in modern big data systems and scaling web & cloud infrastructure. 

Chapter lead engineer at Ryte

Speaker: Danny Linden

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