Online Meetup | Cybersecurity and fraud detection at ING Bank using Presto & Alluxio on S3

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ING Bank is a multinational financial services company headquartered in Amsterdam with over $1 trillion in assets. As a leading bank, we place a great emphasis on cybersecurity. One aspect of this is the Security incident and event management (SIEM), which is the process of identifying, monitoring, recording and analyzing security events or incidents within a real-time IT environment. SIEM requires our data platform to have high and consistent performance, so we use open source technologies Presto and Alluxio for fast SQL analytics in the cloud. 

In this online presentation, we are going to present how ING is leveraging Presto (interactive query), Alluxio (data orchestration & acceleration), S3 (massive storage), and DC/OS (container orchestration) to build and operate our modern Security Analytics & Machine Learning platform. We will share the challenges we encountered and how we solved them. Today we run this platform in several different data centers, and we have reduced our 10+ minutes queries to under 10 seconds!

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Speaker: Mariusz Derela

DevOps engineer at ING

Mariusz is a DevOps engineer at ING focused on security. As a member of Hunt Squad he is responsible for providing new solutions that can improve security processes in ING.

Speaker: Krzysztof Kuznik

Product owner of Hunt Squad at ING

Krzysztof is the product owner of Hunt Squad. He hunts for new ways of detecting cyber criminals infiltrating their organization.

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