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Geo-distributed Analytics with NetApp StorageGRID and Alluxio

Thursday, March 2410:00 AM PT

This presentation will include information about how Alluxio and NetApp StorageGRID helps enterprises accelerate the adoption of cloud and optimize their resource spend on a modern hybrid big data architecture. The conversation will cover use case and architecture info from a variety of enterprises and some of the high level technical details of how these business solutions are constructed.

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Speaker: Joseph Kandatilparambil

Solutions Architect, NetApp

Joseph helps with customer driven innovation at NetApp by empowering customers with solutions that help them focus on driving their product forward and expand their horizons. Outside of work, Joseph enjoys kite-surfing, rock climbing and hiking.

Speaker: Michael Waldrop

Global Head of Solution Engineering, Alluxio

As the Global leader for Solutions Architecture at Alluxio, Mike works with Alluxio’s enterprise customers and prospects to understand how to modernize their big data analytics platforms to improve flexibility and performance across their cloud and on-prem infrastructure. 

Alluxio enables separation of compute from underlying astorage while advanced caching and data tiering, accelerates large-scale analytics and AI/ML workloads in distributed on-prem, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.