Alluxio Day X

Virtual Community Event

Join fellow Alluxio community users for the 10th Alluxio Community Day virtual event. This webinar series features speakers from Uber, bilibili, and Alluxio.

 We're looking forward to these great talks! 

  • 9:30 am - Building an Efficient AI Training Platform at bilibili with Alluxio (bilibili)
  • 10:00 am - Speed Up Uber's Presto with Alluxio (Uber)
  • 10:30 am - Alluxio Journal Evolution - Towards High Availability and Fault Tolerance (Alluxio)

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Thurday, Mar 39:30AM PST

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Chen Liang


Software Engineer

Jasmine Wang


 Community Manager

Lei Li


AI Platform Lead

Tyler Crain


 Software Engineer

Zifan Ni


 Sr. Software Engineer

Jingwen Ouyang


 Product Manager

Beinan Wang


 Software Engineer

Talk Information

Building an Efficient AI Training Platform at bilibili with Alluxio (bilibili)

In this talk, Lei Li and Zifan Ni share the experience of applying Alluxio in their AI platform to increase training efficiency at bilibili. The talk also includes technical architecture and specific issues addressed.

Speed Up Uber's Presto with Alluxio (Uber)

Liang Chen from Uber and Beinan Wang from Alluxio will present the practical problems and interesting findings during the launch of Alluxio Local Cache. Their talk covers how Uber’s Presto team implements the cache invalidation and dashboard for Alluxio’s Local Cache. Liang Chen will also share his experience using a customized cache filter to resolve the performance degradation due to a large working set.

Alluxio Journal Evolution - Towards high availability and fault tolerance (Alluxio)

Within Alluxio, the master processes keep track of global metadata for the file system. This includes file system metadata, block cache metadata, and worker metadata. When a client interacts with the filesystem it must first query or update the metadata on the master processes. Given their central role in the system, master processes can be backed by a highly available, fault tolerant replicated journal. This talk will introduce and compare the two available implementations of this journal in Alluxio, the first using Zookeeper and the more recent version using Raft.

Alluxio enables separation of compute from underlying astorage while advanced caching and data tiering, accelerates large-scale analytics and AI/ML workloads in distributed on-prem, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.